Christ did not come to do away with indigenous cultures, languages and religions but to bring them to a fuller expression of God’s Spirit. His intention was to introduce the good news of forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus and pour out his Spirit upon those who believe so as to guide them into his way, truth and life. The Spirit has the ability to speak through the cultures, languages and religions of indigenous people and bring them to a fuller and more God pleasing expression. There is no culture, language or religion that the Spirit cannot speak through. Likewise there is no one Nation that has a monopoly on the Spirit who seeks to manifest himself in every people, language and nation. God desires that each people group bring the riches of their cultures with them when they walk with God, Isaiah 60:5, 11. When one culture tries to impose its Spirit inspired traditions on others it violates the will of God to manifest himself in the diversity of human culture.




Interested in engaging your culture?  So am I.


My culture growing up was what I call an “I love Lucy” culture, my mom was of Irish descent and my dad was Mexican (Spanish-Sonoran Indian), later I transitioned into the hippie culture of the late 60’s. When I started following Jesus I slowly embraced Christian culture. These have been my main cultural influences with an ongoing commitment to the arts and the worldview of indigenous peoples. Like many from my generation I am eclectic, multi-cultural and a strong advocate of diversity and freedom.  


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Personal reflections of Bill Redondo, Fresno, California